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Heco 520 Wood Cookstove with Solid Polished Steel Top

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The 520 Series is the larger of Heco's two elite cookstoves and is manufactured by the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. This stove is designed to burn wood or anthracite coal and includes an upper warming closet (warming oven), and a solid brushed steel cooktop with removable eyes.  The stove is welded rather than bolted together, making it airtight and efficient.  The beauty of this wood cookstove is that it meets all of your baking, cooking, heating and hot water (when paired with a range boiler tank) needs when living off-grid, or used as a second heat/cooking source in your current home or living space.  At Good2GoCo, we believe that if you have food, water and heat, you can survive many situations in all seasons!


  • Solid brushed steel cooktop-top will patina and colour with use
  • Warming closet
  • Airtight glass firebox door
  • Airtight glass oven door
  • Food-grade porcelain enamel-lined oven
  • Removable oven tray for easy clean-up
  • Black porcelain enamel finish
  • Large firebox
  • Oven thermometer
  • Scraper/poker rod
  • Ash pan
  • External shaker handle (coal burning)
  • Automatic Thermostatic Control
  • Air wash Control
  • Easy-Access cleanout
  • Made from American steel

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  • If applicable, please contact your insurance company prior to purchasing to ensure you meet their requirements.  Insurance companies may accept a WETT Report from a certified WETT Installer (click the link to search in your area) for uncertified stoves.  This ensures the company that the stove has been safely installed.  Some insurance companies will allow consumers to install their own stoves if a certified WETT installer provides an inspection report.
  • Check your local building codes and municipal by-laws regarding restrictions on uncertified stoves or necessary permits that may be required.
  • We recommend you research thoroughly before purchasing.  All stoves are NON-REFUNDABLE.

View Heco 420 and 520 Owners Manual, Installation & Warranty

Cooking Surface: 46.5in W x 21in D
Height to Warming Oven Bottom:  16.54in H
Height to Warming Oven Shelf Top:  27.27in H
Stove Size w/Handles: 51.5in W x 33.25in D
Oven: 21in D x 18in W x 13in H
Firebox: 19in D x 16in W x 17in H
Door Openings: 16in W x 9.5in H
Exhaust Size: 7in
BTU Rating: 90,000
Heating Area: Up To 2,500 sq. ft.
Total Weight: 840lb
Draft Regulator: DS Hot Air Bi-Metal
Floor Protector: 48in x 62in non-combustible flooring required
UL Listed: Yes
CSA Approved:  No
*Chimney Pipe not included

The warming closet with shelf is a very practical feature and will be used on a daily basis for things such as:
  • Keeping meals and drinks warm
  • Drying egg shells, herbs, fruits, vegetables
  • Storing your sourdough starter
  • Bread dough rising
  • Ferments (vegetables, fruits, kombucha-speeds up the process)
  • Softening butter, hard oils or other condiments
  • Sprouting
  • Seedling starts (acts like a warming tray)
  • Warming therapeutic grain/rice bags for neck, shoulders and back
  • Drying winter mitts, gloves, and other articles of clothing
  • The uses are endless!