About Oxygen Absorbers

Ensure that your emergency food supply lasts for the long haul with our oxygen absorbers, also known as oxygen scavengers. Oxygen absorber packets remove the oxygen from the air around them, increasing shelf life. Without oxygen microorganisms cannot grow around your food, leaving you with flavourful and colourful food, as fresh as the day you stored it. Oxygen can be your emergency food storage supply’s worst enemy, so using oxygen scavengers helps keep food fresh for longer. Available in different package sizes, Good2GoCo offers food oxygen absorbers packets that will help keep food viable in mylar pouches and sealed containers of all types. Don’t forget to purchase a mylar starter kit and mylar bags to prep your food for long-term emergency storage with oxygen absorber packets. 


Oxygen absorbers also known as oxygen scavengers are used to remove oxygen from their surrounding environment to preserve medicine or food items like freeze-dried strawberries, flour, rice, spices, and more. Oxygen absorbers can be used in sealed containers to help preserve the quality and increase the shelf life of dry goods.
No oxygen absorber packets do not expire but once exposed to the air the oxygen scavenger will activate and need to be sealed away to preserve their effectiveness. Unused oxygen scavengers will need to be placed in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag where they can last indefinitely.
If your oxygen absorbers feel soft and powdery, this is a sign they are still good. Oxygen scavengers contain an iron powder that turns into iron oxide once the oxygen is absorbed. Since a new oxygen scavenger is filled with iron powder your oxygen absorber packet should feel soft and powdery. If your oxygen absorber packet feels crunchy and hard, it has already absorbed its capacity for oxygen and turned it into iron oxide or rust.
No, oxygen absorbers are not reusable. Once activated, oxygen absorbers undergo a chemical reaction that consumes all available oxygen in their surroundings. This reaction is irreversible, and the oxygen absorbers cannot be reset or reused. Once used, oxygen absorbers become spent or inert, and no longer have the capacity to absorb oxygen. It is essential to use brand-new, unopened oxygen absorbers at each storage session for optimal oxygen removal and preservation.
Oxygen absorber packets are non-toxic and completely safe to place around food. While they are not edible and should never be consumed, it is safe to use oxygen scavengers in and around food to extend shelf life and reduce spoilage. Additionally, during use, no harmful gasses are released from the oxygen absorber packet.