EMP Shield

Shop for your very own whole-house surge protector from EMP Shield. In the case of a power surge, this device will prevent your other electronics from being damaged. These home surge protectors can detect an irregular flux in your electrical system in less than a billionth of a second, and will automatically pull in any excess electricity. EMP Shield works by shunting or shorting the excess voltage coming into your home from the voltage surge. This extra voltage is drained away from your electrical equipment before the voltage level can rise to prevent any damage to your equipment. EMP Shield also offers vehicle surge protectors to protect your car or truck from the same threats. Whether it's a lightning strike, a solar flare or an electromagnetic pulse, EMP Shield is sure to keep your plugged-in home appliances and electronic equipment protected. EMP Shield protects against all phases of an electromagnetic pulse, including E1, E2, and E3. Tested by the military, our whole home surge protectors from EMP Shield are designed to meet and exceed military standards and ensure your electronic devices are protected.  Weather proof, the whole house surge protector works in both hot and cold climates, so you can be sure it will work in any part of Canada regardless of the weather. Easy to install, make sure to order your EMP Shield today and ensure your home, apartment, or vehicle has solar flare, lightning, and EMP protection.