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ReadyWise Emergency Food

ReadyWise offers the best selection of healthy, nutritional and delicious dehydrated meals with a shelf life of up to 25 years. Unlike other emergency foods, ReadyWise meals don’t require any heat, though it may be preferred if you have access. Simply add water to these emergency meals and they’ll be ready to enjoy. Choose from a variety of single meals and snacks as well as larger food storage kits that can feed an individual for over a month. Whether you're preparing for a snow storm, hurricane or any other emergency, be sure to stock up with your long term emergency food supply from ReadyWise today, a trusted brand in Canada and around the world. ReadyWise food buckets can be easily stacked and stored in emergency shelters or pantries. Sealed away from air and moisture ReadyWise emergency food stays and tastes fresh for up to 25 years. ReadyWise food buckets come with a variety of delicious and hearty meals like lasagna, tortilla soup, pot pie, and more. Created with dehydrated or freeze-dried foods ReadyWise locks in nutrition and flavour. Simply add water and you and your loved ones will have delicious ready-to-eat meals. ReadyWise emergency food supplies include breakfast, entrees, and snacks so you will have a variety of choices. With multiple sizes available you can choose from 120, 360, 720, 1440, and even 4320 servings ReadyWise food buckets. So no matter the number of members in your house you can stock up on nutritious and delicious ReadyWise emergency food and stay prepared for anything life may bring.