About Heco Wood Cookstove

Select from various sizes of Heco stoves like the Heco 520 wood Cookstove. Cook delicious meals, heat your home, and warm up hot water. Heco wood Cookstoves are crafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by the Amish. Made with American steel, the metal is welded together creating a strong airtight, and efficient stove. You can fuel the Heco stove with either wood or anthracite coal. With added attachments such as the oven rack, summer grate, and water reservoir, you can bake cookies and heat up water for your homestead. The Heco wood Cookstove is perfect for keeping you off the grid or a great addition to your homestead. Whether you are heating water for a bath, baking bread in the oven, simmering soup on the stove or keeping leftovers hot in the warming closet the Heco stove has you covered.