About Bradley Smokers: Electric

Bradley electric smokers are the premier name in food smoking. Built to control the burn temperature and prevent ash, the official original Bradley smoker is a thing of beauty and coveted by all levels of food smoking enthusiasts. Bradley smokers are a great way to enjoy delicious smoked food without using charcoal or wood. Food smoked with our proprietary, automatically feeding smoking bisquettes just tastes better. When you want to smoke meat, fish, veggies and more, choose a Bradley digital electric smoker and dive into mouth-watering smoked flavours. The Bradley smoker is designed with a double-walled construction that helps retain heat and moisture, ensuring even cooking throughout the entire smoking process. The interior of the smoker is made from stainless steel which helps keep it clean during use while providing good insulation against heat loss. This makes them ideal for both cold and hot smoking, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and techniques. Forget babysitting your smoker - - Bradley smokers come equipped with an automated smoke bisquettes feeder which produces natural hardwood smoke for eight continuous hours between refueling. With its wide range of features and convenient design, the Bradley electric smoker makes it easy to become an expert at creating delicious smoked dishes right in your own backyard.