About Food & Food Storage

With freeze-dried food, you can stock up on survival food the smart way for an emergency pantry that will last longer and taste better. Stop loading your cart at the grocery store with little cans of beans and other emergency food supplies that expire in a year. Our wide variety of survival food can be purchased in 72-hour to one-year increments or just by the can. Freeze-dried food stores compactly and lasts up to 25 years on the shelf. Food storage is a crucial aspect of long-term food preservation and emergency food supplies. Our extensive collection of food storage containers and emergency food supplies can help you stock your emergency pantry and stay prepared for anything. Food storage helps keep food fresh, safe for consumption, and tasting great. We offer a variety of reusable food storage containers like plastic, glass, and even beeswax. Another great way to store food is using our vacuum sealers paired with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to ensure your food stays fresh and preserved. Proper food storage is essential for preserving the safety and quality of your foods. By following proper storage guidelines and having the correct airtight food storage containers, you can reduce food waste, and potentially extend the shelf life of your food.


Freeze-dried food is a food preservation method where water is extracted from food items while maintaining their nutritional value, flavour, and texture. By eliminating water microorganisms can no longer grow, reducing spoilage and significantly increasing shelf life. Freeze-dried food is lightweight and shelf stable; making it a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers as well as emergency preppers.
Freeze-dried foods can last up to 25 years or more when stored properly. Unlike traditional food storage methods, freeze-drying foods create a significantly extended shelf life. During the freeze-drying process, most of the moisture is removed from the foods which helps prevent bacteria growth and food spoilage. The long shelf life of freeze-dried foods makes them ideal for emergency food supplies and filling an emergency pantry.
Rotating your long-term food storage containers is a great way to keep food fresh and ensure expiration dates are up to date. Using and rotating the oldest supplies in your food storage first helps use vital food within its expiration date and reduces food waste. Rotating your food storage helps to keep expiration dates at the top of your mind to ensure fresh, safe, and delicious food for years to come.
The purpose of safe food storage is to prevent spoilage and preserve the quality and nutritional value of your food. Safe food storage is critical to preserving food for a long period of time in a delicious and safe manner. When food is stored properly, both its quality and nutritional value will stay intact providing you and your loved ones with flavorful nutrition-packed foods.
Long-term food storage containers should be placed in cool, dry, and dark environments to ensure the preservation and quality of the food. Select a low humidity and low light location for food storage containers like in pantries, emergency shelters, basements, and more. By following proper food storage practices, you can rest easy knowing that when needed, your long-term food storage will be readily available and reliable.
Plastic food storage containers can be a great option when looking for a lightweight and convenient option. If you're looking for a durable, long-lasting, and reusable food storage container, glass might be a better choice. Alternatively, beeswax wraps can also be a great reusable food storage container. Whichever is your preference both plastic and glass food storage containers can be a helpful way to preserve food and reduce waste.