About Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers

Harvest Right's home freeze dryers offer an efficient and convenient means of long-term storage for food preservation. Preserve food for 25 years in your Harvest Right home freeze dryer. The taste, nutrition, and texture are all sealed in when you freeze dry food, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh without worrying about spoilage. These Harvest Right freeze dryers use the same electrical outlets as other major home appliances, making them the only freeze dryers for home use. Plus, Harvest Right's set-it-and-forget-it system does all the hard work for you, automatically calculating the drying time and monitoring your food during the freeze-drying cycles to ensure that it's freeze-dried right every time. Harvest Right offers models to meet every individual's needs, from our 4-tray medium units to our extra-large 7-tray model that can handle larger batches at one time. Capable of freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, meats, and even entire meals quickly and safely for long-term storage needs. Now you can preserve all your favourite meals while keeping all the nutritional value and delicious flavour. Perfect for homesteads, not only can you preserve your latest harvest, but it can also create healthy snacks and stock up your emergency pantry with long-lasting food supplies. Whether you are freeze-drying your latest harvest, making healthy snacks, or filling your bug-out bag, home freeze dryers from Harvest Right are a great choice.


A home freeze dryer is a device that preserves food by removing water from perishable items. Unlike commercial freeze dryers, home freeze dryers are typically smaller and designed to be more user-friendly. With a home freeze dryer, you can create lightweight, delicious freeze-dried foods right in the comforts of your own home.
Harvest Right makes their home freeze dryers simple and easy to use. Once you have placed your desired foods in the home freeze dryer, simply press the start button on the touchscreen, and you're done. Harvest Rights Smart Freeze™ technology will sense the food and turn it off as soon as the food is completely freeze-dried.
Typically a home freeze dryer can cost anywhere between $4,349.99 for smaller models and 6,999.99 for extra-large models with more capacity. Home freeze dryers range in price depending on the size and style of the unit. When deciding on a home freeze dryer consider how often and how much food you plan on freeze drying.
Yes, a home freeze dryer can be a great addition and well worth the investment for your homestead depending on your preference, lifestyle, and needs. By freeze-drying fresh harvest, leftover meals, and more you can create and save vital food. By preserving these foods, you reduce food waste saving money in the long run while enjoying delicious freeze-dried snacks.