Loppers & Knives

Garden loppers are a great tool for pruning and trimming woody plants such as trees, shrubs, and hedges. Garden loppers look similar to large scissors with long handles and allow gardeners to reach higher branches or thick stems. Lopping shear blades are made from high-quality durable metal strong enough to cut through tough branches but still remain sharp for many years of use. Now you can slice through thick stubborn stems and easily reach tall branches - - no step ladder needed. Lopping off dead or overgrown branches will help promote healthier growth in your plants while also keeping them looking neat and tidy. 

Higo knives are traditional Japanese pocket knives characterized by their single-edged blade and unique handle shapes. The blade of Higo knives is crafted from high-carbon steel, giving them excellent edge retention and durability even when used regularly as well as their lightweight design makes them easy to maneuver. Whether you need to chop thick woody stems or smaller, more precise garden slicing in Canada, loppers and Higo knives from Good2GoCo have you covered.