Look forward to a variety of seeds

Organic Seeds

Seeds that were produced from plants grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


Seeds that genetic engineering wasn’t part of the plant breeding process.


Seeds that have characteristics passed down from generation to generation and will grow the exact same as the parent.


Seeds that that will carry the best characteristics of both parents.

Seed Saver Friendly

Seeds harvested from these plants will be great to plant again next year.

About Pacific Northwest Seeds

Pacific Northwest seeds are designed for British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada. We carry a variety of Pacific Northwest garden seeds, including herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Pacific Northwest seeds are selected to thrive in the Canadian British Columbia climate. With a variety of wildflowers, biennials, vegetables, herbs, and more, there is always something new to grow in the garden. Each variety of Pacific Northwest seeds is specifically chosen to grow into healthy, viable plants in this unique Canadian climate. Whether you are a garden enthusiast or just starting out, Pacific Northwest seeds are hardy and adaptable, making them a great choice to start your gardening endeavors. These non-GMO seeds offer a plethora of different species and varieties, giving you a range of traditional and exotic options. Start your gardening journey this season with our selection of Pacific Northwest seeds.