BioLite’s mission is to "Bring Energy Everywhere" combining the needs of individuals in energy poverty and the enthusiasm of avid outdoorsmen. BioLite's products revolutionize off-the-grid living and have pushed the limits of outdoor living. Take your BioLite fire pit, headlamp, and power stations anywhere to bring the luxury of light and electricity everywhere you go. Relax in the warmth and crackle of a wood-burning BioLite FirePit, or transform your BioLite campstove into a grill for convenient cooking in the backcountry. BioLite’s compact, portable lighting and chargers will keep your path illuminated and your backpack feeling light. They’re also perfect for emergency use. Shop reliable heat, light, and power from BioLite! Looking for a cookstove? Check out JETBOIL campstoves for camping and emergency cooking, or  Heco wood Cookstoves to heat your off-grid homestead.