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About Us

We Come From Humble Beginnings

Our company comes from humble beginnings; with just two people, we started Good2GoCo from our home - our Founder and CEO along with our eldest daughter. Our first warehouse was the area under the suspended slab in our garage. We shipped all our orders from our kitchen island, involving thousands of trips up and down the stairs to retrieve product from our little warehouse under the garage. We called it the “stair master”. It wasn’t long before all the vehicles had to be parked outside and our garage was added to the warehouse space. By our second month in business, we realized we were growing so fast that we needed more space. We also realized that we had struck a chord with our customers in Canada - we were really onto something here. We would need more space… so next came our rec room and several bedrooms. We shipped thousands of orders from our home.

Eventually, it became very clear that we had to expand beyond the space we had available, so we started looking for a piece of property with a large shop/warehouse on it. After 6 months, we finally found the perfect place. We thought: "Wow, this place is going to get us where we need to go… it’s huge compared to the last place". We were continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and had added two more family members to help out with shipping and logistics.

We were growing so fast that two months after moving into our new place, it became obvious that this place was much too small. We had already outgrown it! We were having semi-trucks parked on the road out front as we were unloading them with our newly purchased forklift. Many thousands more orders were handled and shipped from what we once thought was a huge warehouse compared to our last place. So, it was time to start looking for something bigger…. AGAIN!

That led us to our brand-new building. Our warehouse/fulfillment center is now 15,000 sq ft. We have 26’ ceilings and many more staff. At this point we are by far the largest company of its kind in Canada. We are still family owned and operated, and have worked very hard to remain as customer-focused as we were at the beginning.

Thankfully all our hard work placed us in a position to support our customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. Our relationships with our suppliers are very strong, and we worked together to provide as much product as we could as quickly as possible. We are so thankful to you, our customers, for being patient with us during this time. We would spend so much time everyday pleading with our suppliers to get us their products to us. There were extreme shortages everywhere. We are a true testament to “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Those are words we live by. We dug in and would not take no for an answer.

That brings us to today. We are still seeing shortages in many categories, and have responded by adding a lot more stock than we would normally carry, just in case we begin to see shortages again. We have added yet more people. And, for the majority of our products, we are back to shipping in just a few days. We could not have gotten here without the amazing customers that choose to give us their business. Thank you for your business! It means so much to our family!

Who We Are

We are a family-owned and run business, with three generations of family working at Good2GoCo. What's really cool is that we all love working here. It shows in our commitment to customer service. We are very dedicated to providing the best service humanly possible. From the hand-written thank-you cards that we send with each order, to the random surprise gifts we throw into packages. Every step of the way, we are driven by a simple philosophy… How can we make sure our customers feel appreciated, since they chose to purchase from us?

Some interesting additional facts about us…

Fact 1 – We are 100% Canadian

Fact 2 – We really are family owned and run. Ninety percent of our employees are family. And, yes, we have a big family.

Fact 3 – We are a stable, debt-free company. Our founders are 100% committed to operating the company as a privately owned debt-free company. No bank loans here…

Fact 4 – We put a hand-written thank-you card and a gift in every order that leaves our warehouse. We have hand-written thousands and thousands of notes.

Fact 5 – Our family has huge dinners every Friday, without fail. We have between 12 and 21 people every week. It’s a time where we have friends and family gathering together to build our community.

Fact 6 – All of our family believes in the business. We can honestly say that none of us look at this as just a job - we really do feel that this is a calling.

Fact – 7 We stock about 98% of the products we carry in our distribution center in Kelowna, BC.

Who We Are Not

We are not a nameless/faceless corporation that is out to just make a profit from our customers. We really care about the people we serve. You won't find grumpy people here just punching a clock… earning a paycheck. What you will find, however, is that from time to time, grandkids running up and down the halls in the office, or even hear them jabbering in the background while we are on the phone. But don’t worry, we won’t let them pack your products or label your orders…your products are in safe hands.

Why Did We Choose This Business?

Well, it's simple really… We chose this business because we are really interested in the products we offer for sale. All the meals we have for sale have been served at our dinner table and eaten in the mountains while camping. They also sit in our backpacks, ready to be taken on our next outing. In fact, a number of the products that we carry have been used by our family for many years - long before we ever considered opening our store. But most importantly, we wanted to start a unique company that our whole family has the opportunity to work in, all the while doing this business better than anyone else in Canada!

Where Are We Going

Thanks to all of our customers, we are experiencing explosive growth. We started our company with 108 products and now we have thousands of products that we offer with many thousands more products being added over the next several months. In so many of our product categories, we have the largest market share in Canada. Now that we are moved into our new distribution center in Kelowna, BC, we can finally expand into even more products because we now have room to grow. At this point we are very proud to say that we are by far the largest company of our kind in Canada. We could not have accomplished all of this without you our customers. 

I would like to leave you with one final thought...We Really Appreciate Your Business! It Means Everything to Our Family!

From my family to yours, I wish you many blessings!

President/CEO & Founder

COO & Co - Founder