BioLite BaseCharge 600

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The BioLite BaseCharge 600 brings home-grade power to off-grid environments. Recharge the BioLite BaseCharge 600 with the wall, car, or solar. A 12-point safety check and easy-to-read LCD dashboard allow you to see in real-time how much power you are using and how much you have left. Perfect to power personal electronics like cell phones, laptops, and cameras, the BioLite BaseCharge 600 can be used for power outages, camping trips, working off the grid, and more. 


  • 622 watt-hour, lithium-ion battery
  • Max output of 600 W and 1200 W Surge
  • AC, DC, DC Barrel, USB-A, USB-C, USB-C PD
  • Wireless Charging-enabled top deck
  • Resettable Energy Odometer to monitor usage
  • Message Centre provides real-time station status
  • Pair with SolarPanel 100 (sold separately)
  • Charge up in as little as 3.5 hours.

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