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Bid farewell to noise, fumes, fuel, and pollution, and welcome the future. We are proud to present the groundbreaking Batt Pack Energy, a portable and lightweight lithium-ion battery system that is specifically engineered to replace commercial and industrial-grade generators. The Batt Pack Energy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is incredibly user-friendly, providing up to 6000W of peak power. It is designed to operate tirelessly under any conditions, just like you. This is not your typical solar generator.

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Power Output 3000W
Surge Power Output 4500 (500ms) / 6000W (10ms)
Energy 2.5Wh
Chemistry LiFePO4
Cycles 3500+ Cycles
Voltage 120 VAC
Solar Input Power / Input Voltage 1600W / 30-60V DC
VOC Input Voltage 60V DC
Max Solar Amperage 40A
Grid Charging Power / Bypass Power 1200W / 1200W
Dimensions 60.5cm x 39.4cm x 33.6cm [23.8in x 15.5in x 13.2in]
Weight 36kg [79.4 lbs]


32" LCD TV 50 hours  50
Smartphone 250 charges 10 wh
Laptop 50 charges 50 wh
Refrigerator (Small) 80 hours 30
Light (High EFF) 500 hours 5
Hammer Drill 3.5 (Trigger time) 700
LED Contractor Lights X2 25 hours 450
Hand Grinder 5.5 hours (Trigger time) 450
Hilti TE 3000-AVR Jackhammer 1.9 hours 1350
Hilti DD200 Diamond Core Drill 1.4 hours (Trigger time) 1800
Husqvarna K3000 1.67 hours (Trigger time) 1500