About Gas Masks & Hazmat Suits

MIRA’s gas masks and full hazmat suits are designed to keep you protected during tactical and emergency situations. With MIRA Safety gear, the goal is to provide professional gear to the public so that they can feel prepared in times of crisis. We offer a selection of military and tactical gas masks as well as gas mask filters and hazmat suits to protect you from a variety of contaminants. Hazmat suits and gas masks are a great addition to your emergency shelter, bug-out bag, or survival pantry. Whether it's a chemical spill, nuclear fallout, or viral outbreak, you and your loved ones will be ready for anything the future may bring. Hazmat suits protect your whole body from exposure to toxic materials whereas a gas mask protects your respiratory system from airborne contaminants like toxic gas and particulate matter. Having gas masks and hazmat suits on hand gives you the vital protective equipment you need to stay prepared for any potential disaster or emergency scenario.