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One Large Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer in stock!

Harvest Right Home and Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers are in high demand North America wide. We have been notified by Harvest Right that there are component shortages causing significant manufacturing delay on the supply of freeze dryers and pump upgrades.

All Home Freeze Dryers and Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers and pump upgrades are scheduled to be back in stock mid to late April..

We would encourage you to order early to secure your freeze dryer!

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers Harvest Right freeze dryers’ patented technology preserves the taste, nutrition and texture of nearly any food for up to 25 years. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of freeze-drying home grown fruits and vegetables, as well as wholesome home-cooked meals with a Harvest Right home freeze dryer. For preserving plants, herbs and organics, the Harvest Right pharmaceutical freeze dryer effectively locks in freshness at nearly twice the capacity of the standard Harvest Right medium freeze dryer.