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Eureka Tents Select a Eureka tent and take out all of the frustration and hassle of building complicated tents. Eureka tents are designed to be easily set up so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time reading instruction manuals. Eureka tents offer an authentic camping experience when you head off the grid. Enjoy the rain, cool breeze, wildlife, and other great aspects of nature from the mesh windows of your waterproof Eureka tent. Eureka camping tents can be extremely spacious and offer room for up to six people to sleep in at once. Eureka tents can also be combined with Eureka tarps to provide further protection to your campsite in the case of a rainstorm or extreme sun. Also browse other tent accessories such as tent vestibules, Eureka camp chairs, and even portable Eureka stoves to further improve your campsite. Start shopping for your next Eureka tent today.