Garden Shears & Pruners

Garden shears and pruners are essential tools for any gardener in Canada. Pruner shears are similar to regular scissors but have heavier blades designed specifically for cutting through thick woody stems and branches. Pruning shears can be used to trim, shape, and remove excess foliage from plants without damaging the plant itself. Garden pruners come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the task at hand, allowing you to make precise cuts on everything from small branches to large trunks, making them perfect for harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Small pruning shears are ideal for light-duty tasks such as deadheading flowers or cutting back small branches. At the same time, larger gardening shears are better suited for heavy-duty tasks like removing thick branches or trimming ornamental grasses, hedges, or bushes. Pruners should be kept sharp with regular maintenance and replacement blades to ensure clean cuts that don’t damage the plant material. By using the right type of pruning shear for each job, gardeners can ensure that their plants get the proper care they need while keeping their hands safe from sharp edges or splinters.