Dog Training Launchers

Get your dog ready for hunting season with a dog training launcher. Training is an essential step in honing your dog's hunting skills. A bird launcher is a great way to control the timing and placement of the bird's release to get the most out of your training sessions. The bird's scent flows through the open ventilation on the bird launcher into the air so your dog can get a good smell. Adjustable strong springs on the bird launcher throw the bird six to eight feet into the air, forcing them to fly and find cover. Our Dogtra bird launchers have remote controls allowing you to launch a bird anywhere without assistance. You can time exactly when the bird will be launched to keep excited puppies from catching the bird while it's still on the ground. Choose from multiple-sized bird launching trainers depending if you want quail and barn pigeons or pheasants and a chukar-sized game. Find all the bird launches and parts you need for your next dog training session.