Grayl Water Bottles & Cartridges

Grayl water bottles are an innovative and convenient way to enjoy clean, safe drinking water on the go. Grayl water bottles offer portable water purification while camping, backpacking, and exploring the outdoors. Grayl Ultralight and Geopres water purifiers offer 99% purification of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa as well as filtration of particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals. This portable purifier can clean water from around the world in one effortless pump. This means that you can safely drink from a stream, puddle, or river without worrying about contamination. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, drinking from rivers, or traveling in a third world country, Grayl water purifier bottles are the perfect companion for travellers. Always stay hydrated with replacement filters like the Grayl GeoPress replacement purifier cartridge. Grayl cartridges have an incredibly long life span of up to 300 uses before needing to be replaced - meaning you can enjoy clean drinking water wherever you go. Suited for all 7 continents, Grayl water bottles can filter water from any questionable water sources in just 10 seconds! Pick out a Grayl water bottle today for safe, clean, and delicious fresh water anywhere in the world.