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Roots & Harvest Traditional Style Water-Seal Fermentation Crock Set with Lid & Weights

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Create delicious sauerkraut, pickles, and more with these traditional style ceramic crock sets that feature a water-seal on top to keep air out. This set includes 2 semi-circular stone weights and lid, and is oven and microwave safe!

Healthier Eating: Fermenting is an ancient tradition that allows your vegetables to retain their nutritional value.

Water Tight Seal: When the gutter is filled with water, and the lid is placed on top, an airtight seal is formed. Water keeps out surface moulds but allows CO2 to escape. The water-seal makes it easy to ferment without having to constantly check the food. You simply add water as it evaporates to keep the seal intact.

Easy to Use Sets: These sets are easy to use and come complete with lid and weights. Built-in handles make them easy to carry and move. Select the right size for you and start fermenting.

Durable Construction: Constructed of fine, fully-vitrified stoneware clay. Crocks are kiln-fired, lead-free, with a glazed exterior and interior.

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  • 2L: 7.5in L x 7.5in W x 8.5in H
  • 4L: 9in L x 9in W x 10in H
  • 5L: 11.875in L x 11.437in W x 16.125in H
  • 10L: 13.375in L x 13.125in W x 18.375in H
  • 15L: 18in L x 15in W x 21.625in H

  • Capacity and Yield

  • 2L crock holds 2.5lb of cabbage, making 1 quart of kraut
  • 5L crock holds 5lb of cabbage, making 2 quarts of kraut
  • 10L crock holds 12.5lb of cabbage, making 5 quarts of kraut
  • 15L crock holds 20lb of cabbage, making 8 quarts of kraut
  • 20L crock holds 25lb of cabbage, making 10 quarts of kraut

  • Use and Care 

  • Hand-wash only
  • Dry completely before storing
  • Lead-free and food-safe
  • Oven and microwave safe
  • Lead and cadmium free