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Heco 420/520 - 22 Gallon Stainless Steel Rear Water Reservoir

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The water reservoir is a great feature of the stove if you do not have an external range boiler or hot water tank option to heat your home's domestic hot water. We especially like this feature for off-grid homes or guest properties! The water in the reservoir will naturally be heated to a near boiling point when your stove is burning quite hot and is heated through contact with the stovetop.  A faucet located on the side of the reservoir gives convenient access to water dispensing. 


  • Dishwashing, or other hot water applications

  • Hand washing laundry

  • If water does not need to be boiled for safety, hot water is available for warm drinks

  • Hook up a 12V RV pump and plumb it into your domestic hot water line or directly to the bath or shower to provide single-use showers or bathing

  • Fill the rear-mounted reservoir with a pail or container (it is not a pressurized system), or plumb a cold water line near the stove for easy filling.  You will need to access the tank from the sides of the stove to top-fill.

  • Keep the reservoir full of water at all times to avoid causing it to boil

  • Never allow the reservoir to sit completely empty as it will void the warranty

  • Plugs and spout are included

  • The Coil Kit is not included but can be purchased separately if desired

If you want to use your stovetop for cooking rather than heating pots of water, a reservoir is a necessary item, especially in an off-grid home.

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