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Heco 420/520 Oven Rack

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Both the 420 & 520 wood cookstoves come standard with two oven racks, but each stove can fit up to 5 racks. We find that our Heco wood cookstoves bake more like a convection oven (you may have to rotate halfway through your bake time). Feel free to add more racks to bake hundreds of cookies! We also love utilizing our baking oven as a dehydrator. When the fire is damped down low at night, prop open the oven door with a metal ladle, and typical oven temperatures will hover between 110-135 degrees Fahrenheit; which is perfect for dehydrating. Having multiple racks and dehydrating mats will have you dehydrating your food off-grid style. Just don't forget to take your food out of the oven in the morning!

Dimensions: 17.5in x 18in (fits 520, 420 Bake oven)

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