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Heco 22 Gallon Reservoir Coil Kit

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Our Coil Kit includes a 12in coil and fittings to connect the coil to the 22-Gallon Water Reservoir. This coil kit will be needed when using hot water frequently throughout the day.

The 12in Reservoir Coil Kit is specifically designed to be used with the 22-Gallon back mount Water Reservoir.  While not a necessary component, its purpose is to heat the reservoir water faster and keep a consistent water temperature throughout the day. If you want hotter, consistent water in your water reservoir, you will want this coil!

The coil is not recommended for use with a domestic hot water tank as it will not produce enough hot water. The coil kit cannot be used in combination with the firebox water jacket (used to heat an external hot water tank).

The water reservoir is not included in the coil kit.

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