Tormek KJ-45 Centring Knife Jig

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The Tormek KJ-45 is a self-centring knife jig. The KJ-45 centres the knife in the jig for optimal, symmetrical results. This centring jig fits most types of knives including household knives, chef's knives, craft knives, and knives for hunting and fishing. It also works great for garden pruning shears. The extra stop makes it possible to sharpen tall knifes such as cleavers. Compatible with the Tormek T4 and Tormek T8, as well as older models.


  • Minimum Blade Height: 12mm (0.47 in)
  • Minimum Blade Length: 60mm (2.375 in) 
  • Maximum Blade Thickness: 10mm (0.375 in) Tapered 6mm (0.25 in) 
  • Clamp Width: 45mm (1.375 in) 

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