Tormek Diamond Wheel (For 200 mm)

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The diamond grinding wheel by Tormek is compatible with the Tormek T-4 Original, Tormek T-4 Bushcraft, Tormek T-3 and earlier models with a 200 mm grinding wheel. Simplify repeat sharpening with a constant removal rate and shape. Sharpen a variety of materials including steel, ceramic and carbide. The constant shape makes it possible to grind on either side of the wheel or on its surface. 

DE-200 Diamond Wheel - Extra Fine
The DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine is the diamond wheel that provides an extra smooth finish and is especially suited for sharpening carving tools and knives with minimal steel removal needs. The grit size is 1200. Weight: 3.13lb.

DF-200 Diamond Wheel - Fine
Tormek's DF-200 Diamond Wheel Fine is the ultimate all-around diamond grinding wheel, combining efficient steel removal with a smooth grinding surface. The wheel has a grit size of 600, providing effective sharpening and a smooth surface finish. Weight: 3.2lb.

DC-200 Diamond Wheel - Coarse
The DC-200 Diamond Wheel Coarse is designed to provide effective sharpening and rapid repair of a dull or damaged edge. The diamond wheel has a grit size of 360 for fast steel removal and is particularly useful for tool shaping. Weight: 3.16lb.

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