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After more than fifty-five years in the horse training, breeding, sales and Equine consulting business, I have added a few more little aids that can successfully be used as an aid in the starting of young colts and helping to break some old bad habits in a safer and more humane manner for both the horse and the handler.

I have had the extreme pleasure of instructing the starting process with The Stableizer on young stock at some of the most successful Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse training operations in the USA and Europe, including all 9 units of the US Army and Cavalry, and have worked with the wild mustangs at the BLM and at the Governors Horse Guards, #1 and #2. We were riding those Mustangs within 1 hour.

Sizing Chart
Small Mini Horses, Llamas
Medium Most all mature - Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Morgans, Etc. and Large Yearlings
Large Warm Bloods, Most regular size Draft Horses, very large Thoroughbreds
EZ Large 2,000 Lbs and over Draft Horses

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