Steripen Classic 3 UV Water Purifier

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The Steripen Classic 3 with 40-micron pre-filter is the latest, most versatile model in our award-winning Classic line. Winner of Time Magazine’s Best Invention of 2001, it offers enhanced ergonomics and battery life as well as improved water resistance. An 8000 treatment lamp delivers a lifetime of purification.

Treatment size: 0.5 or 1 litre

Treatment time: 48 or 90 seconds

Lamp Life: 8000 activations

Battery: 4 AA Batteries Lithium or Rechargeable NiMH

The 40×40 micron screen Pre-Filter fits perfectly on wide-mouth one-litre water bottles and removes particulates that can get in the way of UV light in water. The Pre-Filter is designed to be stored directly on a wide-mouth bottle, and the Steripen Classic 3 fits perfectly in the filter. Just insert the Steripen Classic 3 in the filter opening, turn the bottle upside down, and gently rock to circulate light throughout the bottle. 

What's in the box:

1 Pouch
1 Prefilter

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