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Roots & Harvest Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Super-charge your harvest prep! Now you can safely clean fruits and vegetables -- even meat and eggs! -- without chemicals. Ultrasonic cleaning goes far beyond simple rinsing. The process uses tiny bubbles induced by sound waves to agitate the water, dislodging contaminants adhering to fruits and vegetables. The effect of the ultrasonic waves also damages or destroys bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. It dramatically reduces pesticide residues, hormones, and preservatives in vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and seafood, as well as canning jars and bottles. Tests show this ultrasonic cleaner destroys up to 94 percent of microbes, pesticide residues, hormones, and preservatives. Choose from 8 settings for a variety of foods.


  • Metal housing and tank, water pump, acrylic panel
  • Ultrasonic frequency 40 KHz
  • Cleaning tank capacity: 10 litres (approx. 2-1/2 gallons)
  • Cleaning tank size: 11.875in L x 9.5in W x 6in deep

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