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Roots & Harvest Canning Jar Sealer Kit

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Create a vacuum seal on any regular or wide-mouth canning jar that locks out air - the enemy of freshness.

The Canning Jar Sealer fits on standard and wide mouth canning jars and is used in conjunction with vacuum sealers that have a port for an external vacuum hose to keep goods fresh longer. Once the canning lid is vacuumed to the jar, remove the jar sealer and place it on the next jar to use again. Vacuum Jar Sealing is not a substitute for heat canning. This method is to be used for short-term storage only.

  • Available for regular or wide mouth jars
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Not a replacement for canning

Canning Jar Sealer Kit Includes:

  • Regular and Wide Mouth Jar Sealers
  • External Vacuum Hose Attachment 

How to Use:

  • Wash your jars and dry completely
  • Fill the jar with the item you wish to store leaving at least 1-inch headspace
  • Make sure the rim of the jar is clean and free of residue
  • Place the proper sized lid over the jar opening
  • Press the proper sized jar sealer down over top of the lid and jar, fully covering the top of the jar
  • Attach your vacuum hose to the port on your vacuum sealer
  • Cover (or insert the hose) over the hole on the top of the jar sealer
  • Use the canister function on your vacuum sealer and vacuum the lid to the jar (follow directions in your vacuum sealer manual).
  • When the vacuum sealer stops vacuuming remove the hose from the top of the jar sealer
  • Carefully remove the jar sealer from the top of the jar
  • The lid should be vacuumed tightly to the top of the jar and should not be easily removed. (optional: use a band to keep the lid securely in place.)
  • To remove the lid, first unscrew the band and use the tip of a spoon to pry the lid off the jar to remove the vacuum.

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