Primus Primetech Stove System

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This system contains everything a backcountry chef needs to prepare a wide range of foods for the crew.  Available in two sizes, Primetech Stove System 1.3L feeds 1-3 while the Primetech Stove System 2.3L can feed 2-5 people. 


  • Fuel-efficient, all-in-one stove system with integrated Laminar Flow Burner Technology and windscreen
  • Multi-person all-in-one system
  • Stable and windproof burner
  • Improves heat-efficiency by combining an optimized burner, an integrated windscreen, and a pot with an integrated heat exchange
  • Reduces fuel consumption by almost 50% (compared to conventional stoves)
  • Remote-canister stove offers max stability due to lower centre of gravity
  • Fine control valve for precise flame and heat control and regulated valve
  • Two lightweight hard-anodised aluminum pots - one with with integrated heat exchanger and ceramic, non-stick coating
  • Pots nest into each other for easy packing
  • Transparent lid with integrated colander and heat resistant silicone handle
  • Remote, independent t-grip Piezo igniter included, no lighter required
  • Removable Crimp Pot Gripper handles hot pots and pans with ease
  • Comes with a padded/insulated storage bag and a foldable heat reflector
  • Invented in Sweden, made in Europe
  • Gas NOT included


PrimeTech Stove System - 1.3L
weight: 31.9oz |  dimensions: 7.1in x 4.3in  | output: 7000 BTU; 2000W  | feeds: 1-3

PrimeTech Stove System -  2.3L
weight: 37.4oz |  dimensions: 7.9in x 5.3in  | output: 7000 BTU; 2000W  | feeds: 2-5

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