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MIRA Safety PROFILM Visor Protectors for CM-6M Gas Masks

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Keep your vision clear and stay in the fight with our new, custom-fit CM-6M PROFILM visor protectors. Made from high-quality 3M film, these protective covers apply directly on your gas mask’s visor for a perfect fit. They can stack in multiple layers so that if/when your visor gets dirty, muddy, wet, or fouled, just pull the tab to remove the PROFILM and restore crystal clear vision. 

Available in clear or tinted, these tear-away protectors provide perfect edge-to-edge coverage on your gas mask visor and they stack easily to ensure clear vision all day, even in the most challenging environments.


(3-Pack) Four Layer Tear-off PROFILM – These ultra-thin adhesive tear-offs are practically invisible once installed, and they’re designed for easy stacking with single layer transparent or tinted variants as base layers. 

(3-Pack) Single Layer Transparent Profilm – This enhanced protective film is slightly thicker than the tear-aways, providing enhanced durability and tear resistance in the field. It’s designed to be used as a base layer, over which we suggest stacking the Four Layer Tear-Off PROFILM. 

(3-Pack) Single Layer Tinted Profilm – Made with the same material and dimensions as the clear tear-offs, these are tinted to protect your vision in bright sunlight. If you’d like to go a shade darker, you can stack multiple layers of tinted PROFILM, with each additional layer making the setup darker. For added utility, we suggest adding a stack of four-layer PROFILM on top, using the single-layer tinted as a base layer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: MIRA Safety PROFILM is custom-fit for CM-6M gas masks ONLY, and will not work with any other MIRA Safety gas mask. 


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