Midland SBNDL Bundle Kit

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Produces a physical sensation and visual alert for the hearing impaired when used with a Midland Weather Alert Radio. Includes the STR180 Strobe Light, SHKR100 Pillow Shaker, Y Cable, Pillow Clip and Four AA Batteries.


  • Vibrates a pillow and flashes a bright light to assist the hearing impaired or a heavy sleeper when an emergency alert is received by a Midland Alert Radio
  • Compatible with WR11, WR100, WR120, WR300 and WR400 Midland Weather Alert radios
  • Ready to use, 4 AA batteries and Y cable included
  • Low battery alert lets you know when it is time to change your batteries
  • Pillow clip helps keep the shaker in place
  • May be compatible with other weather alert radios that uses a 3.5mm external jack connection


  • SHKR100 Pillow Shaker
  • STR180 Strobe light
  • Y Cable
  • Pillow Clip
  • Four AA batteries

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