LOWE 9.104 Bypass Pruner

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The LOWE 9.104 Bypass Pruner has an easy-to-replace blade and adjustable handle width. This bypass pruner can be used to cut branches with astounding ease. With a length of 21 cm and a weight of only 245 g, it is the perfect-sized pruner. Spare parts outlined below can be purchased and easily replaced.


  • Easily adapts to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design 
  • Easy to carry, with a cutting diameter of 22 mm
  • Best used with a right-hand grip
  • External blade position for rapid replacement
  • Made in Germany

Blade: LO-9.001/B
Counter blade: LO-9.002
Spring: LO-6.003

Length: 21 cm
Weight: 245 g

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