LOWE 5.124 Small Anvil Pruner with Pointed Blade

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The LOWE 5.124 Small Anvil Pruner is a compact anvil pruner, providing ideal access for very tight tree trimming. This pruner can be used to cut branches up to 16 mm (0.625 in) in diameter with astonishing ease. With its superb cutting performance, it provides less fatigue on the hands and joints regardless of the severity of use. Dedicated to providing pruning support for any job whether ordinary backyard pruning or strenuous backyard plot clearing. The replacement parts listed below can be easily replaced and are available for purchase. 


  • For small to medium hands
  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Works for either right or left-hand grip
  • Made in Germany

Pointed blade: 5.021/B
Spring with screw and nut: 5.003
Spare parts set: 5.027

Weight: 185 g 
Length: 18 cm


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