LEM Field Dressing Knife Kit

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Sharp, well-balanced cutting implements are indispensable for the precise, delicate, and demanding cuts required during field dressing. This complete kit includes a variety of knives and tools for piercing, boning, skinning, sawing, detail work, and tough cuts in tight places. 


  • Blades are made from heat-treated stainless steel, providing excellent hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance
  • Blades extend the full length of the knife ("full tang")
  • Handles are brightly coloured so you won't misplace them in the field
  • Durable case stows items for safe and convenient transport


  • Caping Knife: For skinning and deboning
  • Field Dressing Knife: For gutting animals or removing anal glands
  • Hunting Knife: Versatile, multipurpose knife
  • Axe: For chopping bone or wood
  • Hook: For pulling carcass apart, scraping meat off the bone, grabbing and moving pieces of meat
  • Rib Spreader: Holds ribs open after sawing through the rib cage
  • Bone Saw: For cutting legs and other bones as well as cutting wood. Serrated blade and T-shaped handle increase cutting efficiency; blunt hooked tip to avoid puncturing bladder or intestines
  • Knife Sharpener: Tungsten carbide sharpening stone, one for knives and one for scissors
  • Cutting Board: 13.75in x 9.75in x 0.125in
  • Laminated card with instructions for field dressing
  • Bonus items include latex gloves, rope, marking line, and zip ties

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