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The Batt Pack Pro is an exceptional device that offers unparalleled power on-the-go. This portable power pack is smaller and more portable than its predecessors, yet boasts an unprecedented level of power. Constructed with the finest quality components, the Batt Pack Pro was designed to withstand the most challenging tasks and harshest environments. Proudly manufactured in Canada, the Batt Pack Pro is capable of enduring rigorous usage day after day without any interruptions.

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Power Output 5000W
Surge Power Output 7000 (500ms) / 10000W (10ms)
Energy 5.1Wh
Chemistry LiFePO4
Cycles 3500+ Cycles
Voltage 120 VAC
Solar Input Power / Input Voltage 5500W / 125-320V DC
VOC Input Voltage 320V DC
Max Solar Amperage 40A
Grid Charging Power / Bypass Power 1200W / 1200W
Dimensions 65cm x 50.8cm x 30cm [25.6in x 20in x 11.8in]
Weight 63.5kg [140 lbs]


32" LCD TV 100 hours  50
Smartphone 500 charges 10 wh
Laptop 100 charges 50 wh
Refrigerator (Small) 160 hours 30
Light (High EFF) 1000 hours 5
Hammer Drill 7 hours (Trigger time) 700
LED Contractor Lights X2 50 hours 450
Hand Grinder 11 hours (Trigger time) 450
Hilti TE 3000-AVR Jackhammer 3.8 hours 1350
Hilti DD200 Diamond Core Drill 2.8 hours (Trigger time) 1800
Husqvarna K3000 3.34 hours (Trigger time) 1500