Hultafors Ball Pein Hammer XK 200

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Hultafors Ball Pein Hammer XK 200 is an excellent choice for precision work. It is designed with a finely balanced head and an ergonomic handle to give you maximum control and accuracy. The head is made from high-grade steel, while the handle is crafted from durable hickory wood. This hammer is ideal for metalworking, riveting, and other precision tasks. It features an adjustable head that can be set to three different angles (90, 45, and 0 degrees). The head also has a replaceable pein end that allows you to easily switch between different head shapes for different tasks. This hammer is lightweight yet powerful, so you can work for extended periods of time without fatigue. With its superior quality and design, the Hultafors Ball Pein Hammer XK 200 is a great choice for any metalworker.

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