GoGirl Travel Coolie - Black

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The GoGirl Travel Coolie is a small and discreet storage option that makes it easier to carry your GoGirl with you. Fold your GoGirl in half, place it in the GoGirl Travel Coolie, and zip it shut. Hook it to a carabiner on the outside of your purse, pack, lanyard or key chain for easy-to-grab access, or simply keep it in your back pocket. The GoGirl Travel Coolie can be machine washed and air-dried (do not use heat).


  • Small and discreet
  • Fits easily into a pocket
  • Zipper pull can be hooked to a carabiner
  • Made out of "Foam/Neoprene-like" material
  • Fast-drying and machine washable
  • Perfect for hiking, biking, outdoor concerts/festivals, hunting and fishing
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