Fenix ALG-15 Flashlight Rail Mount

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The Fenix ALG-15 Flashlight Rail Mount is an excellent solution for mounting a flashlight to a rifle with a Picatinny rail. The quick-release roller allows you to mount a flashlight for a secure fit. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, this mount is strong and lightweight—perfect for harsh conditions where durability counts.

Compatible with flashlight body diameters of 23.5-26mm and a head less than 40mm, including C7, E28R, E35R, HT18, HT30R, PD32 V2.0, PD35 V3.0, PD36R, PD36R, PD36R PRO, PD36 TAC, PD40R V2.0, TK16 V2.0, TK20R V2.0, TK22 TAC, TK26R, TK30, WF26R

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