Felco 903 Diamond Coated Sharpening Tool

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Given their quality and performance, it’s easy to demand a lot from your FELCO tools. However, even these high-quality tools can lose their cutting edge if not maintained. The FELCO 903 is a lightweight multi-function sharpening stone in diamond-coated hardened steel, which professional users swear by for its performance. It is indispensable for sharpening, deburring, and hardening the blades of pruning shears, loppers, and cable cutters. It is guaranteed to restore a world-class cutting edge to tools that you have probably taken for granted for far too long.

  • The stone’s exceptional strength and life span means you will always have a reliable sharpener on hand wherever you work
  • Ideal for sharpening all cutting tools including pruning shears, loppers, cable cutters, knives, and more
  • Easy to use abrasion that requires only slight pressure. Sliding the stone in an inward movement six to ten times achieves maximum sharpness of your tool blade
  • Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut that promotes quick healing of the pruning wound

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