Felco 2 Pruning Shear

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The iconic, award-winning, red-handled pruning shear made in Switzerland, the FELCO 2, is the standard-bearer of FELCO's core values of quality, reliability, and durability worldwide since 1948. The exemplary design makes the Felco 2 flexible for all types of pruning by professional and amateur users alike. Quality materials and precision manufacturing provide unparalleled strength and comfort that create an appreciation that lasts a lifetime.

  • FELCO 2 Pruning Shear, 215mm in length, 245g weight in total, and 25mm cutting diameter, is a compact tool that can be used with astounding ease.
  • Ergonomically engineered, the FELCO 2 has a durable handle with cushion-shock absorber and non-slip coating, offering additional support, protection, and comfort with every use.
  • The FELCO 2's durable cutting adjustment, wire cutting notch, and sap groove help make these shears efficient and easy to use.
  • The FELCO 2 has sturdy handles made of forged aluminum with its blade and riveted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel to offer a clean and precise cut.
  • All parts can be replaced to ensure the FELCO 2 keeps its high quality for years to come.

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