Eberlestock F4Nt Terminator Xl Pack

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The F4NT Terminator XL is an enlarged version of the Eberlestock F4 Terminator pack.  It has all of the features of the regular Terminator with the following modifications: The pack's main body is larger, and the lower compartment is also enlarged to better accommodate larger sleep systems.

The upper front flap's pocket is removed and replaced by a standard MOLLE compatible matrix. The zippers for the side sleeve access are removed, and the long side pockets are attached directly to the sides of the pack. The top flap is modified to extend vertically, and the storm collar is considerably longer thereby adding an expandable interior volume.  Other features match the original F4 Terminator. 


  • Military Ruck | Bug Out


  • Large Rain Cover
  • Tactical Weapon Carrier
  • Hatchet Holster

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