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Buck Knives 108 Compadre Froe

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What is the best tool for splitting wood? For camping, we believe that tool is the 108 Compadre Froe. The froe is designed for clearing, heavy chopping, splitting, and batoning. The full tang 5160 spring steel goes throughout the entire froe, giving it excellent shock absorption and strength you can rely on. The cutting edge excels at chopping but also works well for detailed work. Cerakote Cobalt coating gives you added durability and corrosion resistance. The ergonomic handle features natural canvas Micarta that provides superior grip even in wet conditions.

The Froe includes a made in the USA, black, genuine leather sheath with a stainless steel attachment ring so you can keep your froe at your side or safely in your pack. The 108 Compadre Froe is the perfect tool for your camping and general outdoor needs.  


  • Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that enhances physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.
  • The tang is the unsharpened portion of the blade that extends into the handle material. This knife features a full tang that runs the length of the handle giving the knife a continuous structure resulting in a strong, reliable knife, perfect for heavy duty task.
  • Buck Knives is a market leader in edge retention thanks to our steel selections and heat treat process.  Each blade is put through a rigorous heat treat process and quality performance test, then tempered to the appropriate Rockwell Hardness through a heating, freezing, and reheating system. This gives you longer edge life, ease of resharpening, and a blade that will not fail.
  • 5160 Carbon, or spring steel, has excellent shock absorbing properties, making it resilient to shattering and extremely durable as a knife steel.
  • Hardened to 57-58 Rc for maximum performance.
  • Every Buck Knife is warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and will be repaired or replaced with a new knife, at our option, if defective.  Buck Knives does not warranty its products against normal wear, misuse, or product modifications.  Buck Knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. 


Blade Thickness: 0.23in
Blade Length: 9.5in (21.4cm)
Froe Length: 16.75in (42.5cm)
Weight: 23.2oz (657.7g)

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