Brunton Truarc 20 Luminous Compass (Metric)

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Our most advanced baseplate compass with sighting mirror, quick-reference lid, and protective rubber foot that stores reference cards with an array of scales. 


      • TruArc Global Needle tilts up to 20 degrees for balanced use worldwide
      • Tool-free declination adjustment is simple and fast to orient magnetic north to true north
      • Meridian lines on vial assist during pre-trip planning when aligning with map grid lines
      • Inch/millimetre scales for accurate and effective map work
      • Travel a bearing well after dark, the luminous azimuth ring, magnetic needle, direction of travel arrow and sight will glow brightly for up to 8 hours
      • Romer scales provide maximum accuracy of latitude and longitude for easy integration with handheld GPS unit
      • Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time
      • Magnified readout provides the highest degree of accuracy without compromising readability
      • Dual azimuth ring includes reverse azimuth 
      • Sighting mirror and sighting line integrated into the cover. Align for the most accurate bearings, whether taking or following a bearing
      • Clinometer with 2 degree resolution for measuring slope angle or gauging heights of passes, peaks or trees 
      • Engineer’s ruler
      • Bubble level for absolute precision readings; keeping the compass level (not the needle level)  is a critical aspect for taking accurate bearings
      • Map magnifier helps with the smaller details on any map 
      • Quick-reference lid for easy and speedy readings 
      • Cover and rubber foot protects the compass and houses reference cards
      • User-specific reference cards with scales, rulers, and useful tips and information for backcountry travel and trip planning 
      • High visibility cling for enhanced performance in low light; can be removed to facilitate map use
      • 1 degree resolution azimuth ring provides precise readings
      • Made in the USA in Riverton, WY


      • Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.5 x 1in | 10.4 x 6.3 x 2.5cm
      • Weight: 3.6 ounces | 102g
      • Resolution: 1 degree
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