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Avery Sporting Dog Boater's Dog Parka - Marsh Brown

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Boater's Dog Parka

Why should your dog wear one? Because of body heat. Your dog begins to lose crucial body heat sooner than you might think. Water temperatures below 55 degrees, sub-40 air temps, and 20+ mph winds are prime conditions for deadly canine hypothermia to occur. A Boater’s Dog Parka traps your dog’s body heat helping his coat dry faster while reducing energy-zapping shivering. It also provides flotation and protection that your dog needs to perform its important job for you. Convenient handles located on the back of the parka allow you to pick up your dog with ease.

  • Full-length zipper cover 
  • Cold-weather zipper pull
  • Tapered cut with 5mm neoprene
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Easily customized with carry handles

Size Chart:
S: 15in neck
-24in chest
M: 17in neck-26in chest
L: 18in neck-28in chest
XL: 19in neck-31in chest
2XL: 20in neck-33in chest
3XL: 21in neck-35in chest

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