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Aimers Organics Seeds - Corn - Supersweet 2171

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This sweet tasting bi-coloured corn features very tender kernels. After 71 days of maturing, you'll be enjoying some of the best tasting 20cm cobs available in the early to mid-season.

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When planting in rows, keep the seeds spaced at least 10 - 15cm (4 - 6in) apart. Later, thin to 20 - 30cm (8 - 12in) with each row 55 - 75cm (22 - 30in) apart. Plant at least 3 to 4 rows to ensure proper pollination. For best results, work in a good general vegetable fertilizer at the time of planting. Keep weeks under control and the solid evenly watered. Sow once the soil has warmed up to at least 18C (mid May - early June). 

  • Seed Spacing: 10cm - 15cm (4in - 6in)
  • Thin To: 20cm - 30cm (8in - 12in)
  • Row Spacing: 55cm - 75cm (22in - 30in)
Light Full Sun
Days to Emergence
7 - 10 days
Days to Harvest 80 days