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Happy Yak Protector Kit

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The ultimate kit for a short expedition or as a backup supply! The 7 Days Kit contains a variety of meals including breakfasts, soups and meals. Bonus: Two bags of whole milk powder for your cereal or your best homemade recipes! High in protein with a total of 623g and 11,980 calories, the 7 Days Kit – Protector will give you the energy you need. Enough to fuel you no matter what the situation! 

2 x Spanish Scrambled Eggs
2 x Merry Berry Couscous
2 x Raspberry and Vanilla Granola 
1 x Apple Crisp Granola
2 x Chicken Orzo Soup
1 x Ranchero Soup
2 x Bengali Rice
2 x Spaghetti
2 x Shepherd's Pie
1 x Cheese and Mushroom Risotto
2 x Moroccan Feast
2 x Chicken Blanquette 

BONUS: 2x Whole Milk Powder

Ideally, consume within 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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