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Gyokucho YANIPIKA Sap/Resin Remover—100ml

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Removes tree sap and resin on saws, shears, scissors, hedge trimmers and even chain saw blades.

Just spray it on, wait 20s, and wipe clean.

  • Gyokucho YANIPIKA Sap/Resin Remover—100 ml is a heavy-duty tree sap remover for blades, perfect to be kept in one's toolbox for additional maintenance for your well-loved pieces of equipment.
  • This top of the class cleaning material is a work of art and meticulously made to help in taking care of your important tools.
  • It has active components of mineral water, surfactant, citrus extract oil, and corrosion inhibitor that cleans thoroughly every part of the device, protecting it from wearing out.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this effective solution can be used for any day to day cutting tasks or similar jobs, which makes it indispensable compared to the usual cleaning agents you could see in the market.
  • The product is available in 100 ml sizes.

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