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Roots & Harvest Poultry Shackle & Hook Set

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This well-designed, heavy-duty shackle and hook set is designed to help you achieve an accurate scald -- the start to successful poultry plucking. The shackle holds the bird securely by the feet, and the hook add-on lets you easily dunk the entire bird into the scalding water while keeping your hands safe from burns. Similar to the shackles used by high-production processors, this shackle and hook set keeps hands safely away from the hot water without slowing down the scalding process.


  • A must-have tool for processing poultry
  • Shackle holds the bird securely for controlled scalding
  • A proper scald makes plucking easier
  • Stainless steel
  • Wash with soap, bleach and water


Shackle: 5in x 11.75in x 2.25in
Hook: 1in x 0.5in x 11.75in

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